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Is There A Minimum Number of Garments That Can Be Ordered?

Yes there is. There is a minimum of 20 garments per order.


How Many Characters Can We Use For Our Nicknames?

You can choose to have up to 13 characters for your nickname. These characters include spaces and symbols.


How Long Will It Take For My Garments To Be Delivered?

Your garments should be delivered to you within 6 to 8 weeks.


TIPS & HINTS To Care For Your Uniform

All of our fabrics are rigorously tested for imperfections, durability, and colour consistency. Not only do our products meet the highest standards, all GOMO garments are regularly tested independently and reviewed by our quality control team to ensure all garments are delivered with care.

Water Temperature - It is recommended that all colours should be washed in cold water.
Bleach / Enzyme Detergents – Should be avoided, particularly dark coloured or soft wool garments that feature embellishments like embroidery.
Laundry Detergents – Should be soft on clothes.
Soaking – Should be avoided for coloured or items bearing coloured embroidery.
Tumble Drying – Do not over dry your clothing. Over drying causes your colours to fade, increases wrinkling and shrinkage. Please refer to garment labels for specific directions or warnings of ‘do not tumble dry’.
Flat Dry – It is recommended that garments should be flat dried in shade to avoid stretching and discolouration. GOMO recommends to dry in the shade to avoid UV bleaching.



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