Who Are We

Established in 2000, GOMO Founders decided to make graduate wear become more fashionable, more alive. Driven by quality and service, we pride ourselves on quality garments at great value, that are made to last.

Our commemorative apparel for school leavers are made with the highest quality fabrics, designed to your specifications. These include a variety of rugby jerseys and jackets that will become your Year 12 memorabilia.

What We Do

We start by making sure we know what you want. If it's difficult to communicate over the phone or email – we’ll come to you!

Once your order has been placed, it will be closely examined and professionally managed by our team at Gomo.

Then, we knit our own fabric. Once you choose and design a knitted garment, our circular knitting machines create it. It’s fast and ensures that if a problem arises, we can rectify it as soon as possible.

You Choose It. You Style It. We Make It.

Choose any image or graphic that can be seen through a camera lens and we can digitally print it on your garment. There is no limit to creating your own jersey except your imagination. Gomo is able to translate your distinctive design into reality. You can choose a design from our gallery, or you can create your own exciting design specific to you. Just print the design template and email us your design. At Gomo, we go the distance.

Custom Lining

Want to add something special to your
Year 12 Jacket?
Our custom lining is the way to go. We can put the names of everyone in your final year on the inside of your Jacket. The memories will stay with you forever.
If that's too boring, we can print your Year 12 grade muck up
photo instead, we can print all your student signatures
or even a design created by one of you!

Jacket Samples

Knitted Jersey Samples


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